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Xad Civil Contracting LLC
Torus Investment LLC, Dubai
Interform Contracting LLC
InnoMix Manufacturing FZC
Watan Properties LLC
Al Haloul Air Conditioning Solutions
National Travel Abu Dhabi

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Interform Contracting LLC has been working since 2000 in UAE and Lebanon. Inteform have specialized force, machinery and logistic to carry on any project as a main contractor or sub contractor. Interform has completed various projects successfully, which includes villas, high rise buildings, and industrial factories etc.


General Contracting
Vilas, Labor Accommodations, Buildings, Industrial Factories, Store etc.
MEP Contracting
High Tension Connections
Foundation Contracting
Interior Design


Saja Labor Accommodation
Qadsia Project (Villas)
Yarmook Building
Julia Domine
Innomix manufacturing factory
Kakouli Tower
Tiger Health Club
Eva Clinic Centre
Zarooni Villas
Hamad Villas


National Travel and Tourisms arranges Travel Tickets and Tours to various countries, particularly in Europe and Asian Countries. Specialize in arranging study tours in different countries. The major areas of work are :

  1. Air Ticketing with all major airlines
  2. Travel arrangements for VIPs
  3. Tourist and Visit Visa Arrangements
  4. Hotel Arrangements
  5. Employment Manpower Trips

Advertising and Promotions

  1. Promotion of  Business Opportunities
  2. Promotion of Educational Facilities
  3. Promotion of Educational Equipment
  4. Promotion of Industrial & Commercial Products
  5. Promotion of Arts and Media Products
  6. Promotion of Travel and Tourism
  7. Business Consultancy & Setups
  8. Arrangement for Printing and promotional gift items
  9. International
  10. Circulation Broachers                                       20,000  Interval Circulation
    1. Universities & Colleges
    2. Major Shopping Malls
    3. Hospitals and VIP Family Centers
    4. Travel and Tourism Agencies
    5. Associations, Ladies Clubs, Family Centers etc.
  11. Magazines                                                                            10 for 3 months
    1. Family Magazines – Arabic and English
    2. Medical Magazines  – Arabic and English
    3. Hotel and Tourism Magazines  – Arabic and English
  12. News Papers                                                       5 for 15 days
    1. English and Arabic News Papers
  13. Sign Board on Street Poles                                             100 to 300
    1. Sharjah & Northern Emirates
    2. Dubai
    3. Abu Dhabi & Al Ain
  14. Tele Media                                                                            10 S x 20 x 15 days
    1. Sharjah TV
    2. Abu Dhabi TV
    3. Dubai TV
    4. General Media
  15. Web Links                                                                            10 S x 20 x 15 days
    1. YouTube and others
    2. Email Marketing
  16. Presentations
    1. Family Centers
    2. Ladies Clubs
  17. Korean Cultural Event
    1. Arrangement of Korean Cultural Event in the UAE
    2. Arranging study tours to korea.
    3. Approach to Decision Makers
    4. Ministry of Health /
    5. Medical Centre

Target Market

    • Arab Families
    • University Students
    • Executive Employees & Entrepreneurs
    • Health Ministry / Doctors / Patients
    • Higher Educational Bodies
    • Government Tours
    • Bored Expatriates Community in the UAE
    • Traders
    • Decision Makers

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