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The proposed system will bring a revolution in educational world by ensuring high standards delivery of education from School to University level.  This will result a significant improvement in all walks of life, i.e. corporate world, industrial, social and service sectors as well as a better society, and mankind by producing high quality knowledge rich graduates with better professionalism & discipline.

The project is based on study, plan, design and develop a system, that should provide monitoring and rectification tool to ensure quality education in institutions.  The system focus on

  • To train Teachers & Lecturers
  • To monitor & ensure learning outcomes achievement
  • To provide on line analysis and control quality to Management & Ministry
  • To help Ministries and quality assurance bodies to identify problems & rectify timely
  • To develop quality projects
  • To raise institutions standards
  • To eliminate Non-Professional Teachers/Lecturers/Lab staff
  • To develop parents & society trust in the institution

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