Alcatel established in 2004, is an international mobile technology brand known for providing enterprise networking, communications and services to over 830,000 customers worldwide.

XAD has experience working with Alcatel on Du FTTH Cabling and Migration Project. 

XAD provided following services for this project.
  •  (Apartment, Building, Villa) with detailed survey report.
  •  OSP Survey
  •  Clearing and dewatering of the manhole

Installation of Patch cord between TB and ONT with & without Splicing Installation of

  • Patch cord between splitter Units or Between Splitter and Patch panel rack
  • Supply & Installation of RJ-45 Plug with cable termination in Customer’s Premises
  • Supply & Installation of RJ-11 plug with cable termination in Customer’s Premises
  •  Installation of ONT
  • Termination of One port LC/APC SMF (Terminal Box) wall outlet pre-loaded with
  • pigtails Including Splicing
  •  FTTT Migration & Dressing
  • Supply & Installation of trays for fixing ONTs and Routers (1U module
  •  Installation of TP Link
  •  Installation of Mediatrix
  • Terminal box installation in Customer’s Premise
  • Pulling of FO Cable in Existing Duct/Sub duct/riser/Cable Tray (Indoor installation)
  • Installation and termination of Simplex LC/APC to LC/APC SM patch cord
  • Supply & installation Of Cat 6 UTP cable termination
  • Installation and Termination of Indoor FDT, wall mounted with LC/APC connection, pre-terminated
  •  Pulling of FO Cable with all capacity core.
  • Preparation of MDF new system with proper dressing
  • Installation, pre-patching and labeling for all size of GPON splitter in Rack
  • Installation of Rack ETSI, Fiber Management Frame (Standard) Installation.
  • Supply & Installation of PVC trunking as vertical/horizontal riser while ACP shifting
  • Drilling holes in wall for cable entry
  • Installation of ODF
  • Recovery and Return of Dismantled equipment to Du Warehouse
  • ODF Jumper Swap – Central Office
  • Power Meter and return loss test e2e, bi-directional
  • Any type of gypsum openings.
  • Supply & Installation of Fast connector
  • Fusion splicing and termination for indoor single fiber
  • Patch cord installation.
  • Supply & Installation of cable manager
  • Rack re-allocation
  • Supply of PDU
  • OLT Installation.
  • Patching of OLT racks.
  • OLT Dressing
  • POP existing rack dismantling.

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