Emirates Telecommunication Corporation, is a multinational UAE based Telecommunications Service Provider, currently operating in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. As of February 2014, Etisalat is the 12th Largest Mobile Network Operator in the World, with a total customer base of more than 150 million.

XAD Projects with Etisalat
Contract No Etisalat 101H  Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
Period 2015-continued
Scope of Work Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
Highlights Managing Prventive and Corrective Maintenance services in Western region including 20 +OLTs.  Services includes regular petroling, identfiying gapes, arranging uplifting  and repairs.    Attending faults and arranging resotriation within Limited SLAs,
Volume of Proejct AED 10 Million Dirham
Resources Mobilized 230 Resoruces, including Civil, Cable, and SR teams
Achievements Managing area without major breakdown for many years.
Contract No Etisalat 101H  FDH Uplifting / Conversion to UG FDH  & LMT
Period 2020 – Onward
Scope of Work Managed access network development, maintenance and services in regional (Frame Contract)
Highlights Covnersion of 440 FDH to Underground FDH, and uplifting of all associated works, JRCs, Drop Closures, Mini ODF and Lastmile Cable works.  (Live Network)
Volume of Proejct AED 23 Million Dirham
Resources Mobilized 670 Resources Including, Engineers, Jointers, Splicers, Technicains and ISP/OSP Staff.
Contract No 101H  Migration of  CP/ONT Devices
Period 2015-continued
Scope of Work Replacement of Old ONT Devices at Customer Premises
Highlights Replacing 64,000 ONTs within limited time frame, which includes customer’s appointment, Field Visits, and Configuration in System and Updating all data.
Volume of Proejct AED 3.2 Million Dirham Project
Resources Mobilized 220 Resoruces, including Appointment Center, Control Center and Field Staff.
Achievements Daily replacement above 1000 to 1500 at customer premises.
Contract No 180 H/2010
Period 2010-2015
Scope of Work Provisioning of Video (IPTV), DATA (HSI, IPVPN, PRI ETC.) and voice services through FIBER to the HOME (FTTH) Network in the UAE
Highlights Provisioning of E0LIFE, Business and Data Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Northern Emirates Regions
Volume of Proejct  AED 160 Million Plus
Resources Mobilized 520 staff including Field Engineers, Technicains, NOC Engineers, OMD Staff etc.  250 vehicles were moblized.
Achievements Covered 30% of all Dubai, 25% of Abu Dhabi areas.  Including VIP, VVIP, Palaces, Land Marks (i.e. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, Abu Dhai Palaces, Airports, Military Areas, Oil and Gas restricted Areas, Islands etc.
Managed Provisioning and Maintenance of Business / Enterprise customers, i.e. Emirates Airlines, Airports, Banks, Trade Center etc.
Contract No 37 H / 2019
Period 2009 – 2011
Scope of Work Cable Installation and Associated Works Deploying FTTH in the UAE
Highlights One of initial partners to start FTTH Migration from LEGACY Network.  Xad carried over ISP/OSP and Migration works in the area.  Completed above 500 buildings in different party of Dubai.  Xad migration 200,000 customers during the proejct.  Above 100 staff were mobilized
Amount AED 2.4 Million Dirham
Resources Mobilized 100 + Engineers, Technicains with specialized vehicles (Splicing Vans), with specialized tools i.e. OTDR, Splicing Machiens, etc
Achievements Completed 500 Buildings.  Migrated 300,000 customers.  Covered all UAE Areas including VIP Areas
Contract No Etisalat 206H
Period 2010-2015
Scope of Work Preventive Maintenance and RE-Wiring of Fiber Distribtuion HUBs (FDH)
Highlights Carried out proejct all over the UAE, which included uplifting of several indoor and outdoor FDH, Replacemnet of Frames, Racks, Patch Cards, Labeling and upgraditing information in the system.
Volume of Proejct AED 4.5 Million Dirham
Resources Mobilized 30 Teams (120 Resoruces) including splicers, dressing staff, supervisors and engineers to wrok on live network
Achievements Completed above 500 Indoor / Outdoor FDHS and Associated Networks
Contract No 660 H- Reseller
Period 2015 – 2018
Scope of Work Sale of Etisalat Products
Highlights  Marketing and Sale of Etisalat Single Play, Double Play and Tripple Play E-LIFE Products.   SIM Cards, Mobile Phones and Other devices in Etisalat and Non Etisalat Areas.
Volume of Proejct AED 5.4 Million Dirham
Resources Mobilized  35 Teams, Including Marketing and Sales Staff in the field and back office.
Achievements Covered Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah areas.

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